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Connect PVM’s during COVID-19

It’s both digital signage and an active theft deterrent seamlessly integrated into a single device.

Traditionally, Public View Monitors (PVM) reside in high-value, high-visibility locations with a focus on security. Now you can re-purpose that space by adding digital signage, without comprising the theft deterrent already in place. Clinton electronics Connect PVM’s and Axis cameras can work together with digital messaging. This can work as a reminder of mask mandates and proper social distancing.

Please Practice Social Distancing

It’s essential for retailers to keep their customers informed on topics like health, safety, store policies and checkout procedures.

Connect PVM during COVID-19 have the unique opportunity to make a difference by displaying relevant in-store messaging in real-time. Therefore, this information can help educate the general public and enhance customer experience.

All Connect PVMs feature a built-in HD camera that can be displayed in real-time, creating a sense of safety & security. This visual deterrent can be shown full screen, embedded in an ad, or hidden from the public. Specific events, such as motion or face detection, can trigger customizable responses for enhanced security awareness.

Built-in Axis1080P HD IP Camera.

Camera is always on, regardless of the content shown on the screen.

  • Face Detection.
  • Person Detection.
  • Motion Detection.

From design to installation or upgrading your existing system, netRelevance is your nationwide source for Digital Signage, PVM’s with built in HD camera and remote content update capability via a cloud-based management tool.